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Elevate your secure coding skills

Learn to identify and fix real security vulnerabilities. Demo

Learn secure development

Focused on your preferred languages and frameworks

Real vulnerabilities

Our exercises are based on real vulnerabilities.


Reading is faster than watching. No videos.

Straight to the point

Documentation on the left, code on the right. Identify the flaw, fix it and submit your answer.

Designed for engineers

Software and security engineers should all feel comfortable in our platform.



Free plan

  • Access to some exercises


Premium plan

$ 25
per month
  • Access to all the content
  • Weekly new exercises
  • Path Certificates


What is

It is a platform for developers, security engineers and DevOps people to learn and improve their secure coding skills. Our exercises are interactive and based in real security vulnerabilities. We have individual plans if you're on your own, and a Team plan if you want to promote security education for your team.

Can I use to implement a security awareness program for developers?

Absolutely! We have a Teams plan for up to 10 developers. If you need more than that or you need to setup multiple teams, reach out to us and we can set up an Enterprise account.

What level of coding knowledge is required to use

Generally, you should have some familiarity with the language and frameworks used on the exercise you're trying to complete. However, we try to keep the code small enough so you can figure out what's happening even if you're not very familiar with specifics of the language/framework.

What languages/frameworks are supported in the platform?

We're starting with exercises in Python, using modern frameworks such as Django, FastAPI and Flask. We're adding new exercises every week so this might get updated quickly.

Reach out to us

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